Tree Removal & Pruning

We undertake all aerial operations and ground-based felling works.  Our team are experienced and hold NPTC qualifications relating to felling, aerial pruning and dismantling operations working from a rope and harness or MEWP, stump-grinding, wood-chipping and using cranes and forwarders.

Tree Planting

Tree planting is an important method of creating environmental sustainability and regeneration. At Silvawood we offer a comprehensive tree planting service to commercial clients, local authorities, estates and environmental schemes. We also provide a high level of after care and maintenance, ensuring the longevity and health of the newly planted trees.

Woodland Management

We work with woodland owners, estate managers and conservation groups to provide woodland management plans and carry out the required activities, for example thinning and planting. We can also provide advice on planting schemes, tree selection and wildlife habitat improvements.

Hedge Maintenance

Hedge-trimming can be a difficult and time-consuming activity, particularly if having to work at significant heights. Our team can perform regular maintenance for your hedges.  

Site Clearance

In the case of property developments, pipeline laying, highways, Rhododendron and Gorse clearance and other environmental schemes, sites often need to be completely cleared of trees, scrub areas and roots. Silvawood can provide non-burn site clearance services where timber can be forwarded for sale and stumps can be grubbed up and mulched along with the brash with various tracked mulching machines to leave a clean workable site.


Some of our commercial clients