A versatile machine that can process timber with a maximum 10" diameter. With its manual loading system its ideal for awkward or bendy timber such as branch wood. It has a two and four way splitting head but can be used without making it a useful saw bench with its circular saw and conveyor. 

PTO driven. Options for unit and operator hire, tractor can also be supplied. Only hired with operator.

Thor SuperMagik Splitter

The Thor can split anything from 8 inch rings to 1.2m billets. With its double pump 18 ton hydraulic ram makes light work of most wood and only needs 30 horsepower tractor with PTO to run the machine to full power.

It can be supplied individually for hire or with a tractor and operator.

Hakki Pilke Easy 38

Our largest firewood processor. Can handle wood up to 16 inches in diameter and has a 2, 4 & 6 way splitting head. This machine is only available with operator. Can process up to 18 cubic metres a day on good timber and is extremely efficient.