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At Silvawood we believe a tree should be allowed to grow naturally, not only for aesthetic reasons but for the health of the tree. However there are times when intervention is required, either by trimming or pruning to maintain the crown size or increase light to a property. 

We will provide specialist advice to clients on the recommended extent of pruning, timing and likely effect on the tree. Our skilled tree surgeons will be able to undertake work to the highest standard and help you reach the best solutions with regard to your trees. 

We provide free quotations and advice after an initial inspection and carry out all TPO or Conservation applications free of charge. 

Documents of insurance, qualifications and certificates can be provided on request.


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The work we undertake includes: - 

  • Felling & Sectional Dismantling 

  • Deadwooding & Crown Thinning

  • Pollarding 

  • Site Clearance 

  • Stump Grinding 

  • Hedge Trimming 

  • Crown Lifts & Reductions 





No unless your tree has a specific TPO or your property is within a Conservation Area. 

A Tree Preservation Order is a legal order made by the District Council as Local Planning Authority (LPA) which makes it an offence to fell, prune or willfully damage a tree covered by a TPO without the Local Authority's consent. In the case that a tree is covered  by a TPO, it will require a formal application to your relevant authority. The council will then have 8 weeks to process the application and make a decision. Any work carried out on a protected tree may result in a fine of up to £20,000 so it is always best to check.

All trees within Conservation Areas are protected except those under 7.5cms in diameter (measured 150cm above the ground). If work needs to be carried out within a Conservation Area the LPA must be formally notified of any proposed work in which it has 6 weeks to consider the proposal. During this period no work must be carried out as this could result in a substantial fine.   

Silvawood can make this process simpler by submitting an application on your behalf and this can be discussed and arranged at the time of your quotation.


During the quotation process a copy of our insurance documentation is always included. The team that carries out the work is always qualified to deal with the level of work being undertaken and copies of certificates or qualification cards can always provided if necessary.


In some cases it is necessary to gain access to a neighbouring property especially if there are any overhanging branches. If this is required we ask that you inform them of your intention to carry out work and the date on which the work will take place. Our team is always polite and considerate, however, a neighbour might not be best pleased to find a stranger on their property if not informed prior to the day of work. 




If there is the need for any arisings to be removed from the site this will be specified within the initial quotation. Any excess timber that may be useful for firewood would not normally be left in sizes 'fire ready' unless specified otherwise. We are also finding more of our clients are requesting that woodchips are left for their own use as they provide useful garden mulch.  



As a stump will be removed using a grinder, the leftover chips will only be removed if specified by the client. In most cases we tend to leave the chips as they become integrated with the soil and start to decompose relatively quickly.