As well as offering comprehensive tree services we are also able to provide a woodland management service to suit all small-scale needs; from first thinning's to complete woodland management.  

We provide a free consultation with woodland owners to discover their aims as well as providing both work quotations and possible income that could be generated.

Areas of trees, no matter what size, need a continuous management programme to ensure their long-term health and diversity. The owner may want to encourage certain types of trees, restore dilapidated woodland, remove hazardous trees, establish habitat or maximise the potential value of their timber. The timber produced from felling and management can be corded and left on site, extracted to ride side or roadside or processed for firewood or chip on site depending on the customer’s requirements.



Felling Operations

Felling of individual or groups of trees with commercial value. We can provide harvesting for all kinds of woodland from hand cutting to mechanical harvester cutting for large scale operations.


The process of cutting trees down, allowing the stumps to regenerate for a number of years (usually 7-25 years) and then harvesting the resulting stems. It makes use of the natural regeneration properties of many tree species, including  Oak, Hazel, Maple, Sweet Chestnut, Lime and Ash. 


Thinning is the the removal of selected trees within woodland. It is carried out to change the woodland structure and, where appropriate, for generating revenue and improving productivity. 

track and ride Clearance / Mulching

Whether keeping statutory rights of way clear or access through the woodland both are important. Not only legally but also so management can be carried out in the future


Once areas of woodland have been thinned or cleared selective planting can be undertaken to ensure the longevity of the woodland

Habitat Creation

Using both standing and fallen deadwood to help enrich the woodland ecosystem

Invasive Species Removal

The removal of invasive species within the woodland including Rhododendron, Laurel and Holly to maintain balance and productivity

TIMBER Forwarding and Extraction


Forwarding with a botex trailer ideal for moving large volumes of harvested timber from forestry operations to individually felled trees of high value track or roadside ready for further movement.