What species of hardwood do you use for logs?

We use a wide variety of logs that varies with each load. These include Ash, Sycamore, Norway Maple, Beech, Oak, Fruitwoods, Hazel, Hornbeam, Silver Birch, Cherry, Hawthorn and Alder. ‚Äč

What is seasoning and why is it important?

Seasoning is the process where the natural sap and water leaves the wood. Seasoned wood burns efficiently and gives the highest heat output.

If a log is wet, the energy of the log is wasted evaporating the water. This also leaves nasty deposits up the chimney.

Do you sell green/unseasoned logs?

Green logs are available year-round for customers who wish to season logs in their own wood stores. Please contact us for more details.

Why do you not sell wood by weight?

Logs are not sold by weight as different types of wood have different densities and unseasoned wood weighs significantly more than seasoned wood.

Do you cut logs to different lengths?

Our logs can be cut to lengths to suit your fireplace. Most of our logs are cut to 10 inches, which suits the majority of fires and wood burners, but we can process logs anywhere from 8-20 inches.

Why do I need my logs stacked?

Stacking logs is the most space efficient way of storing them. Using a wood store means not only do they look great but also, they are dry and ready to burn whenever needed.

Do you use softwoods?

Softwood is only used for our kindling as it has a high heat output for a short period of time meaning it is perfect for starting fires.

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